Kaeng Tai Pla, a southern dish with a spicy flavor

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Kaeng Tai Pla. From what I used to buy curry tai pla , spicy Thai food , although delicious, but too lazy to go out in line to buy. If so, should I try to cook it myself? Kaew.com presents how to make Kaeng Tai Pla curry. Add assorted vegetables The indispensable thing is boiled bamboo shoots. If you don’t have Khanom Jeen to eat with steamed rice, you’ll be satisfied.

Shout Delicious curry with Kaeng Tai Pla or Fish Belly Curry It is a food that people in other regions know about southern food. Maybe it’s because of the spiciness and salty taste, suitable for eating along with Chinese desserts. Everyone in the south knows this kind of curry well. because I heard it since childhood Each household’s parents have this kind of cooking. The taste is also different. Some people say fishy This may be due to the use of poorly fermented fish kidneys. Not fresh will cause a fishy smell. Tako fishermen have fresh fish to be fermented to cook food. There is no fishy smell. Curry will have the aroma of fish kidneys.


  • shallot
  • fresh chili
  • turmeric
  • garlic


  • fish kidney
  • lentils
  • boiled bamboo shoots
  • eggplant
  • eggplant
  • kaffir lime leaves
  • fish

How to make curry

-Start with the fish that are used in the curry mostly used fish because of the meat Fish can be used for all species. Whether it’s black bonito, bonbon fish, bonbon fish, gouged and grilled with coconut husks. will get the aroma of grilled fish Roasting should be done until the meat is dry and hard. If the meat is soggy, the fish will be crumbly. Curry and meat Roast until the skin is browned to the inside. Let it cool and then remove only the fish fillets.

-The curry paste is quite a lot, so it has to be blended with a machine.

-Various vegetables as you like and boiled bamboo shoots are indispensable.

-Bring the fish kidneys to a boil with water and filter only the water. boil again Add curry paste and cook until fragrant.

-When the curry is boiling, put bamboo shoots in first. Then add the mutton fish meat and taste as you like.

-Put other vegetables off the heat because you don’t want the vegetables to be overcooked and messy. Some people may cut the sugar a little. Some squeezed a slice of lemon, as if cutting off the salty and spicy taste.