How to make “Thod Man Phan Lemongrass”

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Entering the end of the year, beginning to run out of rain and enter the beginning of winter This good weather has to walk “temple fair” now, right? A place to collect various foods And the most indispensable menu is the fried menu, just right. Today Mae Ying Praewa presents ” Thod Man Phat Lemongrass“, a fried menu that uses fried meat that is wrapped in lemongrass and then fried. Herbal scent like lemongrass It’s even more mouth-watering. The recipe is easy to make and you can follow. Or to make a sale, it is quite interesting Do not wait any longer, hurry and follow her mother Praewa into the kitchen. Let’s write down the recipe!

raw material
Shrimp 500 grams 
100 grams red curry paste 
2 eggs 
Kaffir lime leaves, sliced ​​5 
Long beans, sliced ​​1 cup
2 teaspoons sugar 
2 tablespoons fish sauce
Lemongrass, cut 20 pieces 
Vegetable oil for frying 
Chicken dipping sauce for dipping 
1⁄2 cup cucumber 
2 tablespoons chili 

How to cook

STEP 1: Mix fried meat.
Mince shrimp meat thoroughly.
Put the minced shrimp in a mixing bowl. Followed by eggs, curry chillies, kaffir lime leaves, long beans, granulated sugar and fish sauce. Stir well.
Bite to size And skewered with lemongrass, cut into pieces prepared

STEP 2: Fry
Heat the pan, turn on the fire, wait for the oil to heat up. And then fry the potato, wrapped lemongrass and fry until cooked, scoop up, drain the oil, set aside.

STEP 3: Mix the dipping sauce ready to serve.
Make a dipping sauce by mixing chicken and cucumber dipping sauce. And red chili
Scoop fried potatoes on a plate. Served with dipping sauce

Ooh! It’s awesome, isn’t it? Just mix and wrap with lemongrass, there is ” Thod Man Phan Lemongrass”, a hot and fragrant dish, bouncy meat, to eat it. Can eat rice kib Or is it an appetizer? Eating and enjoying it because of the bite size. Mellow taste can be eaten throughout the house. If any house is allergic to shrimp You can use other meats such as fish, fish, pork, chicken, and then use the same amount as in this recipe. Wa Or if your friends are interested in finding other fried menu ideas such as “Fried Flower Dumplings” or fried desserts like “Fried Corn Pie” You can go and see more!