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Stir-fried Korean Vermicelli "Japchae"

Stir-fried Korean Vermicelli “Japchae”

Soft and chewy noodles with firm flavor of sesame oil. No need to fly all the way to Korea, you can make “Korean Vermicelli Noodle Stir-Fry” or Japchae , an easy application at home! Many fans of the Korean series have probably seen and known

"Khao Soi"a popular dish in the north Thailand

“Khao Soi”a popular dish in the north Thailand

Khao Soi is a well-known Northern Thai food. The word “Khao Soi” means bringing the flour that has been kneaded and rolled into a sheet. Then use a knife to cut into strips Which the rice in this place is wheat flour with eggs and water Therefore, if