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Stir-fried Korean Vermicelli "Japchae"

Stir-fried Korean Vermicelli “Japchae”

Soft and chewy noodles with firm flavor of sesame oil. No need to fly all the way to Korea, you can make “Korean Vermicelli Noodle Stir-Fry” or Japchae , an easy application at home! Many fans of the Korean series have probably seen and known

Recipe for making "Jajangmyeon"

Recipe for making “Jajangmyeon”

Ahn Youngong … Anyone who likes Korean food must come this way. Because today we have a menu that is good for you. I can tell that no one does not know the recipe for making Jajangmyeon, a popular menu, addicted to many series, watched oppa soothed the line and the