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"Beef Kabob", easy to make, delicious

“Beef Kabob”, easy to make, delicious

Beef Kabob, grilled Skewers Two kinds of meat Duality fermentation Chinese and South American beef, Chinese style marinated rib eye, soy sauce, chopped garlic, cumin powder, coriander powder, white wine vinegar. And olive oil It is similar to the marinade of grilled goat meat. Picanha Beef Speaking of South America, you need

"Hamburger Hamburg recipes", homemade

“Hamburger Hamburg recipes”, homemade

Used to eat Hamburger Hamburg Like a pork hamburger Or chicken hamburgers Found a flat and thin filling, not satisfying to chew. Want to find a bit thick, will there be some? The dot com jar offers you how to make hamburger patties, it’s delicious, don’t worry, it’s very convenient