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7 Famous desserts from 7 famous countries

7 Famous desserts from 7 famous countries

desserts from 7 famous countries that you should not miss. Delicious desserts from different countries. That are all tasteful With delicious taste Each of which is different. And has a unique identity in its own country In which there are many desserts in the world But today I will introduce desserts from 7 countries

6 menus of "Chinese food", travel to China

6 menus of “Chinese food”, travel to China

Chinese food, travel to China is very hot  , China has many interesting landmarks, be it Disneyland in Shanghai or the chilly city of Harbin that tourists want to visit and of course, visit China. You have to eat Chinese food !! In which this article is a  tour, I believe that it is definitely

Benefits of healthy vegetable & fruit juices !!

Benefits of healthy vegetable & fruit juices !

Non-drug treatment Also known as ” natural therapy ” today is more and more popular, especially drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice that has become an integral part of the natural healing process. Whether for the treatment of minor ailments Disease that is difficult to treat Or chronic disease Fresh juice is

How to make "Thod Man Phan Lemongrass"

How to make “Thod Man Phan Lemongrass”

Entering the end of the year, beginning to run out of rain and enter the beginning of winter This good weather has to walk “temple fair” now, right? A place to collect various foods And the most indispensable menu is the fried menu, just right.

"Lemon Cake", cute dessert, delicious

“Lemon Cake”, cute dessert, delicious

Who knew that the lemon In addition to making lemons and lemon juice. Can also transform into a cute cake we offers you how to make a lemon cake. Add lemon zest and lemon juice. Add the aroma from butter and cream cheese. The trick is pouring lemon icing and eating with coffee in the

"Fried Fish Steak with Tartar Sauce"

“Fried Fish Steak with Tartar Sauce”

All of a sudden, a special person wants to eat Fish Steak, but because he is too lazy to queue up to eat at the restaurant. The housewife is kind, therefore, arranges them to eat at home. The dot com jar offers a selection of popular Western recipes, including

8 ways to eat "clean food" for good health

8 ways to eat “clean food” for good health

Suggesting healthy people to eat clean food properly, not processed or added to the least flavor. And should choose to eat all 5 food groups in the amount that is appropriate to meet the needs of the body Dr. Sarawut Bunsuk, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health, said that eating clean

"Khao Chae", the traditional Thai food menu

“Khao Chae”, the traditional Thai food menu

Today, we will bring her friends to make traditional Thai food “Khao Chae”, a menu to welcome the Songkran Festival in the hot weather. It is a menu that is suitable for the kitchen together. I secretly told you that there are a lot of

"Melon Bingsu", Korean style, delicious

“Melon Bingsu”, Korean style, delicious

Into the summer, the hot air, hot weather, all frustrated. You have to find something to cool off. Of course, today we have a recipe for dessert to cool off , with the recipe for Korean-style melon bingsu, shaved ice, a popular bingsu shop. Say that today, you can easily do it

Recipe for making "Jajangmyeon"

Recipe for making “Jajangmyeon”

Ahn Youngong … Anyone who likes Korean food must come this way. Because today we have a menu that is good for you. I can tell that no one does not know the recipe for making Jajangmyeon, a popular menu, addicted to many series, watched oppa soothed the line and the