6 menus of “Chinese food”, travel to China

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Chinese food, travel to China is very hot  , China has many interesting landmarks, be it Disneyland in Shanghai or the chilly city of Harbin that tourists want to visit and of course, visit China. You have to eat Chinese food !! In which this article is a  tour, I believe that it is definitely not a problem with Ufabet Thai people. Because it is food that we have been familiar with since childhood Today we have gathered together to see. That if visiting mainland China What food will we find?

1. Chicken

Looks familiar, is it? Which house is Thai people of Chinese descent? You must have eaten this dish for sure. Because it is a menu that has been processed from the offerings of the gods For that in China It is popular to steam the chicken until it is cooked soft. Then chopped into pieces Eat it to get the real taste of the chicken. Because he didn’t have much seasoning But I can tell you that it smells soft and delicious that you almost don’t need to dip the sauce at all.

2. Peanut fried chicken

Another Chinese menu To go to China and have to eat Which we are familiar with Because it is a regular Chinese table menu And a Chinese restaurant with Sichuan style Chinese food In which the chicken will be diced And then stir-fry with peanuts And a little spicy sauce, soft chicken, sweet and spicy sauce And oily peanuts Get along well, don’t tell anyone.

3. Tofu 

Chinese food menu that is popular all over the world People can’t escape from this menu. Because it is a menu that is easy to eat You can eat all ages from childhood. To the elderly, soft tofu goes well together with sweet and salty minced pork.

4. Fried pork with sweet and sour sauce 

The children’s favorite Chinese food menu is crunchy from deep-fried pork cut into very long sticks. But the fried is super crispy Topped with orange-red sauce, sweet and sour taste. Like eating french fries Dipped in tomato sauce. And the more I get hot steamed rice to eat together, I can tell you that there is no spoon in place

5. Peking Duck 

Chinese food is the most favorite among tour residents. Thin Crispy Roasted Duck Eat it with spring rolls or buns, plus the sauce that goes well well. Namp it with a little bit of vegetables. Enjoy it. Don’t tell anyone. Saw the picture and I’m hungry. If anyone wants to eat and do not have time to taste the original Chinese, I recommend picking up the car keys. You can drive to a restaurant near your home to fix any difficulties

6. Suckling Pig

Chinese food already has Peking Duck There must be a suckling pig as well. To complete the recipe for the Chinese food table Which tells me that Nothing is more fun than Sending pork that has been grilled until the skin is crispy But the meat is soft Then go into your mouth, enjoy it until you forget the calories. But I agree.