“Pumpkin Custard”, Thai dessert

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Pumpkin menus are used to make savory dishes until you get bored. Jarook.com presents you how to make pumpkin custard. Steamed pumpkin meat goes well with sweet and fragrant custard. If eating the whole child seems difficult, then try changing it to a pumpkin custard dish in a tray, it makes sense.

It is dessert popular Thailand. Give away delicious recipes Custard with smooth and soft texture, how to do it? Let’s see.


  • Pumpkin (Srimuang) 2 small balls, not more than 1 kg
  • 250 g of coconut milk
  • Palm sugar (palm sugar) 500 g
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 duck eggs
  • 5 pandan leaves
  • Salt (slightly )

How to make it

Use a knife to pierce the stem of the pumpkin in a circle or square. Use a spoon to remove seeds and pumpkin filling. Then washed thoroughly and dried to dry

Pour the coconut milk, palm sugar, crack an egg and add salt.

Use pandan leaves to mix everything together.

Strain with a colander and pour into the pumpkin. (This custard recipe can be made with 2 pumpkins)

Steamed in boiling water Then reduced to a weak light It takes about 1 hour to steam (always open the lid and look every 20 minutes).

It’s time to eat the ripe pumpkin custard.

Let the pumpkin custard cool. And then cut it in half Break into small piece

Beautiful smooth texture. Soft, tender, delicious, delicious.

pumpkin grew out of a coconut curry was bored. Ian fried with eggs. But if you bring it to make Thai desserts. It’s interesting. The custard meat is very smooth. Try doing it and you will be fascinated.