10 clean dessert recipes to make a New Year

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It’s free! How to make clean dessert Various styles are not boring. There are both pastries and pastries. And healthy drink recipes Perfect as a New Year’s gift idea for someone important. If anyone gets it, they must like it.

Approaching New Year 2023, then who made the candy clean as a gift for that special client or boss gearbox com presents. How to bake brownies as a clean pumpkin. Including healthy drinks as well You can try to do it together clean dessert ufabet. 

1.Pumpkin brownies

Let’s start with how to make pumpkin brownies. New Year’s gift clean dessert recipes Put oats and pumpkin.

2. Flourless Chocolate Cake

Who wants to make a flourless chocolate cake as a New Year’s gift? Let’s take note of the recipe.

3. Baked Namwa Banana

Banana is ready! The oven is ready! How about making a baked namwa banana? The main ingredient is just bananas.

4. Vegan Cake

No oven, no need to care Because this vegan cake does not use an oven a gift for the New Year,

5. Sweet Potato Cake with Pumpkin

Who wants to make a cake without a simple oven? I recommend the sweet potato cake with pumpkin.

6. Avocado Cake

Avocado Cake is delicious and super healthy. The avocado cake is mixed with cocoa powder.

7. Granola Ball Cake

Wow! Granola ball cake is made into a round ball, just the right size, it looks chic. Contains oats, bananas, and granola with a rich cocoa flavor. 

8. Whole Wheat Flour Banana Cake

From what used to make regular flour banana cake How about switching to whole wheat flour like this recipe.

9.Apple Cinnamon Cake

Banana cake has been made for the New Year. 

10.Oatmeal bars

 If so, make a clean cake. How about making a chocolate oatmeal bar