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"Khao Chae", the traditional Thai food menu

“Khao Chae”, the traditional Thai food menu

Today, we will bring her friends to make traditional Thai food “Khao Chae”, a menu to welcome the Songkran Festival in the hot weather. It is a menu that is suitable for the kitchen together. I secretly told you that there are a lot of

Curry "Thepo", Pork Belly Delicious

Curry “Thepo”, Pork Belly Delicious

The maid Sai Kaeng has come this way, today we have a good recipe to present to you that it is a menu that is good for the heart of every home. In a very easy way to make that is the recipe for curry pork bell thepo Delicious Thai food menu Sweet,

How to make "Khao Krab Pak Mo"

How to make “Khao Krab Pak Mo”

Today, we invites everyone to make an ancient Thai snack that everyone must have seen through their eyes. “Khao Krab Pak Mo”, we will teach from mixing colorful colored rice crackers Until the fried rice cracker filling is very detailed anyway By the cloth that

Thai Steamed Fish Curry (Homok) , Thai food

Thai Steamed Fish Curry (Homok) , Thai food

How to make Thai Steamed Fish Curry (Homok) Homok is a favorite dish of many people. Because the taste is intense and delicious Soft meat, easy to eat. The more you eat with hot steamed rice, sticky rice or a classic menu like Pink fried rice Even more delicious It also

"Khao Soi"a popular dish in the north Thailand

“Khao Soi”a popular dish in the north Thailand

Khao Soi is a well-known Northern Thai food. The word “Khao Soi” means bringing the flour that has been kneaded and rolled into a sheet. Then use a knife to cut into strips Which the rice in this place is wheat flour with eggs and water Therefore, if

"Boiled Coconut Cream with Liang Leaves"

“Boiled Coconut Cream with Liang Leaves”

Boiled Coconut Cream, Liang Leaves. Share it and make a vacation. With coconut milk, shrimp and Liang leaves Add local vegetables of the southern people, smell the shrimp paste, have the oiliness of coconut milk, season as you like, can do it often, eat delicious, not greasy.