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How to make "Khao Krab Pak Mo"

How to make “Khao Krab Pak Mo”

Today, we invites everyone to make an ancient Thai snack that everyone must have seen through their eyes. “Khao Krab Pak Mo”, we will teach from mixing colorful colored rice crackers Until the fried rice cracker filling is very detailed anyway By the cloth that

"Menus for the elderly", easy to cook

“Menus for the elderly”, easy to cook

Menus for the elderly During this detention period, how many people have changed their career to become a necessary home chef? Which young ladies are in love with cooking and looking for new dishes? For family members, especially the elderly snack menu, let’s try a simple

Banana cake, rice cooker, easy to make

Banana cake, rice cooker, easy to make

This weekend How about making a simple, clean bakery without the oven? DIY INSPIRE NOW offers recipes for clean bananas, rice cookers, from classic banana cakes to cakes.  Who likes the fragrance? The unique sweetness of the Banana Cake But still want to eat clean and don’t have

"Mushroom Cream Soup", easy way to make

“Mushroom Cream Soup”, easy way to make

Mushroom cream soup, easy way to make. For our women, eating a delicious breakfast menu that is comfortable on the stomach is the main factor that makes the metabolism work at full capacity, the brain is energized and concentrates on work all day And one of the most popular

Thai Steamed Fish Curry (Homok) , Thai food

Thai Steamed Fish Curry (Homok) , Thai food

How to make Thai Steamed Fish Curry (Homok) Homok is a favorite dish of many people. Because the taste is intense and delicious Soft meat, easy to eat. The more you eat with hot steamed rice, sticky rice or a classic menu like Pink fried rice Even more delicious It also

Fresh Shrimp Liang Curry, Kaeng Liang

Fresh Shrimp Liang Curry, Kaeng Liang

If you want to find something that is easy to drink and smooth, I recommend this healthy Thai food recipe. Because Kaeng Liang is a mellow taste menu Plus it’s full of healthy vegetables. Kaeng Liang can help reduce the flu and call for milk for young mothers


How to make “Cinnamon Roll”

Dessert lovers must not miss this delicious recipe with the menu  “Cinnamon Roll” bakery, fragrant and soft from the oven. Baked the fragrant tea until the neighbors had to walk and ask for a taste! The soft meat of the snack that smells of cinnamon

How to make "Ham Bacon Lasagna", easy

How to make “Ham Bacon Lasagna”, easy

Italian food menu, complete the word with the menu “Ham Bacon Lasagna” for ham lovers. Bacon and cheese stretches, ready to eat as a group. If you know how to do it, let’s go ahead and do it. Pampered people who like to cook Italian

"Khao Soi"a popular dish in the north Thailand

“Khao Soi”a popular dish in the north Thailand

Khao Soi is a well-known Northern Thai food. The word “Khao Soi” means bringing the flour that has been kneaded and rolled into a sheet. Then use a knife to cut into strips Which the rice in this place is wheat flour with eggs and water Therefore, if

Soft Cookies Granola, health food

Soft Cookies Granola, health food

“Granola Soft Cookies” is a very creative menu. Both are new and not monotonous Can be eaten as a snack bar Plus provide energy to the body as well. Also, soft cookies, granola. There are also some superfood toppings, such as Tawanna seeds, goji berries, chia seeds, and macadamia. This