7 Famous desserts from 7 famous countries

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desserts from 7 famous countries that you should not miss. Delicious desserts from different countries. That are all tasteful With delicious taste Each of which is different. And has a unique identity in its own country In which there are many desserts in the world But today I will introduce desserts from 7 countries that are worth trying as follows 

1. Dragon Beard Candy

Candy Dragon Beard  or  candy blue silk  or  cotton candy, China is the dessert traditional Chinese, which was name pastry that  “dragon whiskers” may be because the dragon is a symbol of the emperor in ancient times. Therefore, in the old days, dragon mustache dessert is make for the emperor and the nobles in the royal court only. But nowadays it is a famous dessert for Chinese people and tourists.

2. Syrniki  

Russia, a country where people love sweets, especially. Which are pancakes made from products that are not like normal pancakes. That is, quark, fresh milk made from cheese, which looks like sour cream) is fried and served with jam, apple sauce, cream  or honey.

3. Crème brûlée 

Carrie Brewster, MA Lake  sweets in the name of the French , which translates literally as. “Burnt cream”) and this sweet dessert. The bottom is made up of custard  (usually vanilla flavor ), the top is a layer of hard caramel , which is obtained by the burning of sugar.

4. Tarta de Santiago  

Native Galicia in Spain, which are the main components that it contains almonds, crushed egg and sugar are sometimes added for flavor with lemon sweet wine, brandy or grape  Marc.  Round shape and sprinkle icing sugar on top to form a cross. The one who gave the name to this dessert is  Saint James (cruz de Santiago).

5. Mochi

a famous Japanese snack In the past, Japan began to have a tradition of making mochi in the Heian period, or in the 10th  century,  where mochi  comes from a Japanese verb,  Motsu,  which translates to be available.  Where people eat mochi during cold weather To add energy to the body  The mochi is easy to make with the main ingredients from  Glutinous rice flour Form it into a round ball and put in the filling. Various desserts such as red bean paste,  etc.

6.  Gulab Jamun  Rose Jamun

A popular  dessert from India that is ranked among the top 10 most delicious in the world of South Indians. Often seen at festivals Important feast Whether it is a Brahmin or Islamic-related event, including a wedding And birthday party.

7. Koeksisters

Traditional desserts from South Africa And it is also the best dessert that brings joy to the people of Africa. The main ingredient is fried flour in hot oil and then soaked in chilled syrup, often found at  Koeksisters  at supermarkets and bakeries across Cape Town. Preferably eaten with hot tea.