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Monthly Archives: March 2021

"Melon Bingsu", Korean style, delicious

“Melon Bingsu”, Korean style, delicious

Into the summer, the hot air, hot weather, all frustrated. You have to find something to cool off. Of course, today we have a recipe for dessert to cool off , with the recipe for Korean-style melon bingsu, shaved ice, a popular bingsu shop. Say that today, you can easily do it

Recipe for making "Jajangmyeon"

Recipe for making “Jajangmyeon”

Ahn Youngong … Anyone who likes Korean food must come this way. Because today we have a menu that is good for you. I can tell that no one does not know the recipe for making Jajangmyeon, a popular menu, addicted to many series, watched oppa soothed the line and the

"6 vegetable juice recipes, lose belly fat"

“6 vegetable juice recipes, lose belly fat”

For those who want to burn fat to be easy and economical, we recommend these 6 recipes for vegetable juice and juices . Drinking and can help burn fat well, can help reduce belly . Importantly, it can also lose weight. Drink Along with exercise, just blend all the ingredients together and drink. So easy, right? Now

Curry "Thepo", Pork Belly Delicious

Curry “Thepo”, Pork Belly Delicious

The maid Sai Kaeng has come this way, today we have a good recipe to present to you that it is a menu that is good for the heart of every home. In a very easy way to make that is the recipe for curry pork bell thepo Delicious Thai food menu Sweet,

"Pumpkin Custard", Thai dessert

“Pumpkin Custard”, Thai dessert

Pumpkin menus are used to make savory dishes until you get bored. presents you how to make pumpkin custard. Steamed pumpkin meat goes well with sweet and fragrant custard. If eating the whole child seems difficult, then try changing it to a pumpkin custard dish in

"Plant Based Food" Trend of 2021

“Plant Based Food” Trend of 2021

Today we will take all the healthiest. Come and get to know Plant Based Food, what are the hottest trends in healthy food, what is  Plant Based and how is it good for your health? We have answers!      It must be say that over the years and this

"Beef Kabob", easy to make, delicious

“Beef Kabob”, easy to make, delicious

Beef Kabob, grilled Skewers Two kinds of meat Duality fermentation Chinese and South American beef, Chinese style marinated rib eye, soy sauce, chopped garlic, cumin powder, coriander powder, white wine vinegar. And olive oil It is similar to the marinade of grilled goat meat. Picanha Beef Speaking of South America, you need

How to make "Khao Krab Pak Mo"

How to make “Khao Krab Pak Mo”

Today, we invites everyone to make an ancient Thai snack that everyone must have seen through their eyes. “Khao Krab Pak Mo”, we will teach from mixing colorful colored rice crackers Until the fried rice cracker filling is very detailed anyway By the cloth that

"Menus for the elderly", easy to cook

“Menus for the elderly”, easy to cook

Menus for the elderly During this detention period, how many people have changed their career to become a necessary home chef? Which young ladies are in love with cooking and looking for new dishes? For family members, especially the elderly snack menu, let’s try a simple

Banana cake, rice cooker, easy to make

Banana cake, rice cooker, easy to make

This weekend How about making a simple, clean bakery without the oven? DIY INSPIRE NOW offers recipes for clean bananas, rice cookers, from classic banana cakes to cakes.  Who likes the fragrance? The unique sweetness of the Banana Cake But still want to eat clean and don’t have