“Plant Based Food” Trend of 2021

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Today we will take all the healthiest. Come and get to know Plant Based Food, what are the hottest trends in healthy food, what is  Plant Based and how is it good for your health? We have answers!

     It must be say that over the years and this year. Many people have heard of the trend for many years in a row. That is because nowadays a large group of consumers are becoming more and more interested in taking care of their own health. (Health-conscious) until born into a trend. The subject of food that creates new food choices. To meet the needs of these consumers even more, and the plant-based diet trend is one of the health food trends that are gaining immense popularity among consumers. With the taste factor that is close to the meat It is also suitable as a healthy food. It is made from 100% plants. Today’s article will bring everyone to know what the advantages of Plant Base Food. And why should you start opening up to this new healthy diet?

What is plant based food?

     Plant Based (Plant Based) is a food that contains mainly plant-based ingredients. Using fruits, vegetables, whole grains, including nuts. These plants are cook to look and taste as close to the meat as possible.

Benefits of a plant based diet


     Of course. 100% plant-based food is the new answer to today’s consumers looking to take care of their health. Because it is high in protein It has a lower calorie content than eating meat in general. It also has a taste similar to meat. This makes it an alternative choice for those who wish to reduce their meat consumption and take care of their health in the long term.

2. Eating vegetables is not difficult anymore.

     In the old days, eating healthy food was consider difficult and boring. Because of various fruits and vegetables There is a taste and texture that is quite difficult to eat. Most of them have to be cooked in different ways to make them delicious and appetizing. However, the taste factor is still a consumer concern. For those who have not tried the Plant Base diet May not yet know Plant base foods are developed to have the same flavor and feel of eating meat, making eating healthy food is no longer difficult. Because it can replace traditional healthy meals. Which focuses on eating fruits and vegetables only

3. Delicious like no other

     With its very close taste and texture to meat, the menus made with plant base are focused not only on providing consumers with good health, but also as delicious alternative foods. Easy to eat, making it easy for everyone to enjoy a healthy diet. It can also be used to cook food through a variety of processes. To obtain a taste and a taste that is new and unique as well.

In the past, Plant Base food was not very popular in Thailand. Combined with the Plant Base diet is still in the process of being developed by experts. It is the reason why many people have come to know the plant base food recently. Therefore, in the old days, plant-based food was difficult to find. But after the plant-based diet began to be recognized and sought after by the health conscious consumers, As a result, plant-based food is starting to be picked up as an alternative to more consumers. It also serves the needs of the occasional vegetarian consumer. (Flexitarian) that is becoming more and more popular in modern society. Another benefit of switching to plant-based diets is to restore the environment in the long run as it reduces the number of livestock production and has a direct impact on the reduction of carbon footprint to help alleviate the global warming problem. Another problem that many people overlook.