Benefits of healthy vegetable & fruit juices !

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Non-drug treatment Also known as ” natural therapy ” today is more and more popular, especially drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice that has become an integral part of the natural healing process. Whether for the treatment of minor ailments Disease that is difficult to treat Or chronic disease Fresh juice is another option that is gaining a lot of attention. Because not only will it help keep you healthy But also refreshes the body as well Because the juices are rich in nutrients that are beneficial for the maintenance of health. And help cure various ailments

The way to make fruit juice is to separate the water and residue. Which we call that crushing The benefit from the crushing is The residue in the indigestible fruit is separated. With only pure water, it is more concentrated than eating fresh in the normal way.For example, when we eat fresh carrots, our body will absorb only 1% beta-carotene and the rest 99. % Will bind to the fiber But if it is juicing carrots Those fibers will be separated. So you get almost 100% beta-carotene, so you can be sure that juicing fruits and vegetables are drunk every day. Your body is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Fruit juice

Healthy juice  is the liquid naturally contained in the tissues of the fruit. Juice is obtained by squeezing or blending them without heat or solvent. The ready-made juices that are sold in many brands will be filtered to remove the fiber. But juice with pulp is still a popular drink. It may be sold in concentrated form. Which needs to be added with water to reduce the concentration until it is in the normal state Concentrated fruit juices tend to have a distinct flavor from freshly squeezed fruit juices.Banana Juice  – Bananas are a fruit rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus and potassium. Which are all essential minerals for the functioning of the muscles and nerves Help control blood pressure Add energy to the body quickly. Increase the complete strength of the body It also helps prevent various diseases.

Kiwi Juice fruit juices

Kiwi juice is rich in Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, Phytochemical, and Actinidin. That help strengthen the immune system Keeping the heart healthy And lowers blood pressure


This nutritious citrus juice helps burn fat and lowers insulin levels, the culprit of weight gain. Drinking fresh grapefruit juice before every meal. It will help lose more than 1.5 kg of body weight within 3 months without dieting or dieting at all.

Cranberry Juice

This kind of juice is high in vitamin C. It can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infection. And also found that cranberry juice has the effect of inhibiting E. coli bacteria in the bladder as well.

Watermelon juice

Watermelon contains vitamin A that helps nourish the eyes. And contains vitamin C that helps prevent scurvy. Helps relieve heat in thirst, mouth, ulcers, stomach ulcers. Comfort the stomach Lowers blood pressure And help diuretic

Different types of melon juice

classified as a detoxifying fruit juice for the body. Has a diuretic effect It features a juicy texture. It is suitable to eat when the body is dehydrated. It also has antibacterial and antiviral activity.

Cherry juice 

– Cherry is very high in vitamin C. Thus helping to prevent scurvy Contains antioxidants That helps to slow down aging, beauty care and help prevent anemia.

Guava juice 

– Guava is high in vitamin C. Help prevent scurvy Contains beta-carotene that helps reduce toxins in the body. Help to reduce the fat level in the blood. Helps prevent the coagulation of fat in the arterial wall which causes atherosclerosis Therefore suitable for patients with arteriosclerosis It also helps to slow down the progression of cancer cells. Make the wound heal faster Stimulate the work of white blood cells Strengthen the immune system And prevent colds as well