Emojis are everywhere and people love to use them in text messages, emails, crafts and even have an Emoji theme birthday party. Kids and adults love Emojis they are so cute and fun to use. If you want to use Emojis in crafts there are a ton of Youtube videos on Emoji DIY craft projects and if you want to incorporate Emojis into your party there are ton of Emoji party supplies out there.  You can make so make cute things with Emojis from room decor, phone cases, lip balm, school supplies, party supplies like balloons, invitations and more. So if you need or are looking for Emoji projects to do then head over to Youtube and Pinterest and look up some fun and easy Emoji projects.

10 DIY School Supply Ideas

Here are 10 fun, cool and weird DIY school supplies from KimspiredDIY. Learn how to  turn you school supplies into fun things. Most of these DIYs are inspired by candy and who doesn’t love candy? My kids love this channel and she has some creative ideas – I must say! Her videos are fun and creative so if you are looking for back to school supply ideas head over to KimspiredDIY and check out her channel but for now you can check out these 10 DIY school supplies!